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Fire alarm installation in and around Exmouth

Recently completed a construction project and interested in new fire alarms?


As part of our electrical services we provide a specialist fire alarm installation service. This is to help you ensure your fire alarm is installed properly and it works according to government regulation.


We offer a broad range of fire alarms suited to different applications. Whether you want a fire alarm for home use or for your commercial property, we've got it covered.

To get more information about our fire alarm systems, please contact us using the details below.




01395 278 989


M J Broom Electrical

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13 Cranford Avenue,



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Fire and smoke alarm maintenance and repairs

For your fire alarms to function properly, it is important that they are well-maintained.


Here at M J Bloom we have a fire alarm maintenance and repair service available to help keep all alarms working and your mind at ease.


With regular checks we can ensure that everything is intact. During these checks, repairs will be carried out on your fire alarm should we find any faults.

Leave it to us to take care of your fire alarms. Call us on  01395 278 989

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